Tips for Choosing the Right Sunshine Coast Awnings for Your Home

Tips for Picking Perfect Awnings for Your Home

Awnings are a wonderful choice for any home. They offer shade so your home stays cool in the summer and also help retain warmth during the winter. They look great on your home or business, boosting both the curb appeal and the overall value of the property. Here at iQ Shutters, we offer a full range of awnings, in several colours and sizes, that are sure to meet your needs. Here are some easy tips to help you pick the perfect awnings for your home.

Colour and Material

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind when you choose awnings is the colour and the material. You want fabrics and shades that mesh with the look of your home so they blend with your style without looking out of place. Bright hues work well on neutral homes, but you may want neutral colours if you already have a lot of colour. We offer several choices and we are here to help you decide which is best.

Energy Efficiency

One of the great things about adding awnings to your home is that they can help make it more energy efficient. Using awnings allows you to keep your house cooler during the summer so you won’t have to run your air conditioner as much, saving you money on your energy bills. Lighter colours reflect the sun to a greater degree, making them the ideal choice if energy efficiency is important to you. At the same time, awnings can help retain warmth during the winter, cutting your energy costs when it’s cold outside too.


Of course, you should keep price in mind when you choose awnings. Chances are that you have a budget in mind and you don’t want to overspend by choosing awnings that aren’t in your price range. We offer affordable products that are high quality and built to last. We can help you find the perfect choice for your budget.

Size and Style

Obviously, size matters. You want awnings that fit your windows and aren’t too large or too small to do their job. At the same time, you should consider style. Do you want awnings that roll up and down vertically or do you want awnings that open outward, shading the area beneath? We have several styles for you to choose from and we are here to help you figure out which one is ideal for your house.

You’re bound to be excited about awnings after reading about their benefits. If you’re ready to choose the perfect option for your home, call iQ Shutters today and request a free Sunshine Coast awnings quote.