2022 Interior Design Trends

2022 Interior Design Trends

Now that we are a few weeks into 2022, we can see the hot interior design trends that seem set to define the coming year.

The world is fast-changing; nothing has proven this quite like the past couple of years – it is clear that the pandemic has had a notable influence on 2022 interior design trends.

With people spending more time than ever in their homes, it is no wonder these trends have brought the outside world inside.

1. A Strong Connection With Nature

Biophilic design – interior conditions that connect to the natural environment – is a definite trend to look out for over the next year.

We cannot link this solely to the coronavirus; there has also been a massive increase in environmental awareness in recent years, and we can consider biophilia as an extension of that sentiment.

As part of this, there is a rise in the use of timber and stone to complement a home’s walls or ceilings.

You do not have to limit yourself to these two features, though – you could also incorporate wood in features such as shutters, with Cedar and American White Oak being popular options. People are slowly rejecting synthetics and plastics, and a natural consequence of this is a return to more natural fixtures.

2. Less Neutral, More Natural

The question of colour is on everyone’s minds – which one will be the visual trademark of 2022?

The signs are pointing to a rejection of neutral tones and a push towards more earthy ones; we can observe a clear and direct continuation of the natural theme here. This can range from olive green to ochre brown – overall, there could be a dominance of darker colours across the board, but a mixture of browns could promote a retro look.

These colour options should pair well with the aforementioned wooden fixtures, or you can even get special roller blinds that use cotton twill in a range of colours.

In any case, there are so many ways you can revitalise your home with a focus on timeless, earth-based colours.

3. Curves And Lines

While these two concepts might feel like they are in opposition somewhat, they can blend well, adding to a beautiful home in a fun way. Curves are unique and natural, and you could argue that an emphasis on lines relates to our desire to get life back on track – this is an understandable impulse.

Slim lines can emerge in shutters and reeded glass, providing a neat division that emphasises the room’s space and modernity.

Curves add softness to a room, which can balance well against lines – as too many lines can make a space feel ‘heavy’ or uniform.

These are just a few of the top interior design trends to look out for in 2022. Overall, you would do well to go for a natural look – a good way to achieve this is by employing some of our special wooden fixtures.

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