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Customers Can’t Get Enough of our Blinds

At iQ Shutters, we provide a large range of internal blinds including roller blinds, venetian blinds, panel glides and roman blinds to Sunshine Coast and Brisbane customers. Our design team is up to date with the trends that work and the ones that don’t. Forget the marketing hype and get a down to earth approach to meet your design brief.

Our blinds and glides are suitable for almost any property. High-quality, durable and right on-trend, we sell blinds Sunshine Coast and Brisbane residents can’t get enough of. They are locally made with superior components and are available with a quick turnaround. We have thousands of fabrics available to suit any décor.

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Louvolite Roller Blinds — iQ Shutters in Warana QLD

Roller & Sheer Vision Blinds

At iQ Shutters on the Sunshine Coast, we install, repair and maintain roller and sheer vision blinds for residential and commercial clients. Roller blinds offer fantastic heat and light protection while granting you privacy. We offer Classic Rollers in a range of fabrics including blockouts, sheers, opaques and sunscreens. Colours, weaves and textures are also available.

Not only that—we offer Sheer Vision blinds, which combine two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric to create a striking, modern window furnishing. These blinds are available in a huge range of fabrics and colours in our made-to-measure collection—including metallics, delicate subtle tones and natural wood weave effects.

Louvolite Panel Glides — iQ Shutters in Warana QLD

Panel & Roman Blinds

Looking for a versatile decorating solution to add glamour to your drab interiors? Don’t look past our tailored Roman Blinds! These window coverings have a simple operating system, suit a variety of décor and can be matched your existing panel glides or roller blinds to harmonise your internal space.

If you’re searching for blinds with more wow factor, our Panel Glides are the way to go! With a smooth operating system, these blinds are gorgeous and functional in wide open spaces such as over sliding and bi-fold doors or as a room divider.

At iQ Shutters, our Roman Blinds and Panel Glides are manufactured to order. Get in touch to learn more about our high-quality handcrafted designs.

Verishades — iQ Shutters in Warana QLD

Verishades & Vertical Blinds

Want to match the soft feel and sheer of a curtain with the privacy, versatility and functionality of blinds? We’ve got the solution! At iQ Shutters, we offer Verishades on the Sunshine Coast.

Verishades are a stunning and practical combination of curtains and blinds. They feature a soft hanging fabric that you can walk through whether they are open or closed. After disturbing the fabric, Verishades will perfectly sway back into their original resting place. They can stretch up to six metres in length—making them perfect for covering large openings.

What’s more—Vertical Drapes are also offered by our team. These drapes feature vertical hanging blades which can be rotated with a wand to control light and privacy. At the same time, they can also be drawn open or closed like regular curtains.

Experience a new era in light and privacy control with an innovative shade solution installed by our team. Reach out today for more information.

White Roller Beside Vase — iQ Shutters in Warana QLD

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds consist of a number of slats, laced together by cord. Venetian blinds may be raised or lowered (in the same way as a roller blind). In addition, the slats may also be angled as required. The movable slats allow users to tailor the level of light they receive, as well as ensure privacy if needed. These blinds may be made of wood, metal (frequently aluminium), PVC, plastic or vinyl. Incredibly long-lasting, they work well in almost any location. Venetian blinds are a popular choice because of the high level of flexibility they offer with regard to light control, as well as the fact they are low maintenance, easy to operate and fast to clean.

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