How To Shorten Venetian Blinds?

How To Shorten Venetian Blinds?

Here at IQ Shutters, we specialise in creating high-quality window shutters and other furnishings for your home.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at one of our bestselling products, Venetian blinds, and how you can adjust and shorten them yourselves at home.

What Are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are an extremely popular choice of blinds for contemporary homes because of their simplistic yet chic style. Venetian blinds simply consist of horizontal slats (that can be made out of wood or metal, depending on their use) that are suspended on ladder cords.

Can Venetian Blinds Be Adjusted And Shortened?

Yes, Venetian blinds can be easily adjusted and shortened to perfectly fit your window size to elevate the look of your home.

To ensure that your Venetian blinds do not bunch at the bottom of your window, it is important to adjust them correctly so that they achieve the desired effect.

How To Shorten Venetian Blinds:

1. Install The Blinds

We strongly recommend that you install your Venetian blinds before you begin to remove any slats from the bottom to ensure that you don’t remove too many or too few. Ideally, your blinds will rest around a quarter of an inch above the windowsill to prevent them from bunching at the bottom and looking messy.

You can mark the cord of the blinds at this point to indicate which slats will be removed.

2. Plug Removal

The plugs that are designed to hold the slats in place must be removed so that you can remove some of the slats and shorten the blinds.

These plugs can be easily removed without too much hassle, but we would suggest using a screwdriver to do this. Once removed, it is important to keep these plugs somewhere safe as they will need to be inserted again later when the blinds are the correct length.

3. Cut The Cord

Once the plugs have been removed, you need to cut the cords above the knots that are holding the slats in position. These cords need to be cut to size so that your blinds are the correct length. If you marked the cord earlier, this is where you should cut now.

It is important to not cut this cord too short as you will be unable to secure the shortened blinds without it.

4. Reattach The Bottom

Once you have successfully removed the slats that made your blinds too lengthy for your window, you can begin to reattach the bottom of the blinds. To do this, you must thread the cord through the bottom of the blinds and securely tie a knot to hold the blinds in place.

Reattach the plugs that you removed earlier to ensure that the slats are securely positioned. Any excess cord at the bottom can be trimmed to ensure the security of the plugs and the cleanness of the look.

5. Assess The Length

Assess the length of your Venetian blinds! If they aren’t to your liking, you can follow the above steps again until they are just the right size.

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