Tips for Choosing the Right Vertical Blinds for Your Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Vertical Blinds for Your Home

Vertical blinds have many advantages in your home, including protecting your furniture and rugs, keeping the temperature inside cool during the summer and warm during the winter, and boosting the visual appeal of your space. Here at iQ Shutters, we offer a wide range of window solutions, including awnings and vertical blinds. Use this guide to help you choose the right ones for your home.

Design of the Space

When you’re choosing vertical blinds, keep in mind the style of the rooms you want to put them in. Make sure you choose those that meld with the decor so that they blend in rather than looking out of place. If you plan to pair the blinds with curtains, be sure the two go well together before you buy. Think about colour, pattern, and finish when you choose your vertical blinds so they look great and are functional at the same time. 

Your Budget

You probably have a number in mind when it comes to how much you’re comfortable spending on your vertical blinds. Our blinds are affordable, durable, and great looking so you can get what you want without spending more than you want to. The size and material of the vertical blinds play a role in their overall cost. Customized blinds usually cost more than a standard size set so be prepared to pay a little more if you have oddly shaped or sized windows. 

Amount of Usage

Our vertical blinds are designed to last and are durable and reliable. However, the more you use them, the faster they tend to wear out. Keep this in mind when you make a selection. You might also want to consider the presence of pets and children in your home. Making sure you take good care of your blinds and understanding how to repair them, if needed, ensures that they last a long time and look nice at the same time. 

Measure Correctly

When you get ready to choose your blinds, you must be sure your windows are measured correctly so the blinds fit the right way. We can help you with this, as part of our installation process. However, you can give us an estimate of your window size so we can help you choose the right blinds as the right price for every room in your house. 

Ready to transform your space with vertical blinds? Call us here at iQ Shutters to get started on your custom window treatments. 

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