Venetian Blinds or Plantation Shutters?

Venetian Blinds or Plantation Shutters

Here at IQ Shutters Awnings and Blinds we provide excellent quality plantation shutters and venetian blinds to enhance and protect your home, but which one will work better for you?

To answer some of your questions we have put together a handy guide so that you can compare the two and decide properly which one suits your needs and your home.

Both are equally aesthetically pleasing but bring completely different looks to your property.

Venetian Blinds

Depending on your budget, venetian blinds may be an ideal choice for you. They are fitted on the interior of your windows and can be purchase in a variety of colours and slat widths to suit your preferences.

The blinds are easily wound up and down by using a chain on the side of the blinds and the slats can e open and closed in seconds to give you the privacy or the amount of light that you require.

The blinds still allow you to have your windows open while keeping the light or neighbours at bay, although they are not as sturdy as the shutters, but they are very low maintenance, only needing a sporadic dusting, and are easily changed should the want arise due to redecoration or if you are moving home.

Plantation Shutters

Although more expensive than blinds, these sturdy and weather resistant shutters will last for a lot longer and protect your bank balance as well as your home in more ways than one. The shutters are securely attached to the exterior of your home over the windows.

They can be opened wide or left closed. When closed you are able to leave your windows open knowing that your home is secure and easily adjust the slats so that you can let in the desired amount of light and wind.

They also work with your home. By blocking the light, they will protect your interior from fading and damage by the sun, but are also extremely important throughout the year. In the summer when the heat is at it’s fiercest, they will stop the heat permeating into your home this in turn means that your air con will not have to work as hard or for so long which in turn saves you money.

In winter they will act as insulation keeping your heating bills down.

They will also add value onto your home in the event you wish to sell, possibly by thousands of dollars.

Your Home, Your Choice

With so many benefits that come alongside both the plantation shutters and venetian blinds from us here at IQ Shutters Awnings and Blinds, the main decision you will have to make is which one works best for you. To find out more about or stunning range, contact ( our team by calling 07 5437 6405.